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Part # Description Volts Watts Bulb Shape Base Style Filament
H3 100WT3 1/2 12V 100W PK22s HALOGEN12100T3 1/2PK22sC-6
H3 100W/24VT3 1/2 28V 100W PK22s HALOGEN28100T3 1/2PK22sC-6
H3 130WT3 1/2 12V 130W PK22s HALOGEN12130T3 1/2PK22sC-6
H3 25WT3 1/2 12V 25W PK22s HALOGEN1225T3 1/2PK22sC-6
H3 35WT3 1/2 12V 35W PK22s HALOGEN1245T3 1/2PK22sC-6
H3 35W 24VT3 1/2 24V 35W PK22s HALOGEN2435T3 1/2PK22sC-6
H3 55WT3 1/4 12V 55W PK22s HALOGEN1368T3 1/4PK22sC-6
H3 55W/36VT3 1/2 36V 55W PK22s HALOGEN3668T3 1/2PK22sC-6
H3 55W/48VT3 1/2 48V 55W PK22s HALOGEN4855T3 1/2PK22sC-6
H3 55W/6V T3 1/2 6V 55W PK22s HALOGEN663T3 1/2PK22sC-6
H3 55W HDT3 1/2 12V 55W PK22s HALOGEN1355T3 1/2PK22sC-6
H3 55W LLT3 1/2 12V 55W PK22s LONGLIFE HALOGEN1355T3 1/2PK22sC-6
H3 70W/24VT3 1/4 24V 70W PK22s HALOGEN2884T3 1/4PK22sC-6
HIBH3 UltraMax T3 1/4 12V 55W 4.3A PK22s XWU HIB UltraMax Twin Pack1255WT3 1/4PK22sC-6
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