MINIATURE LAMP (4T4 1/2/130V-1 3/8) Details

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4T4 1/2/130V-1 3/8 bulb
Part # 4T4 1/2/130V-1 3/8
Description 4W 130V T4 1/2-C-1 3/8"-I
Bulb ShapeT-4 1/2FilamentC-7ABase StyleCandelabra Screw (E12)
Glass Diameter (in)0.55MOL (in)1.56LCL†† (in)1.31
Glass Diameter (mm)14MOL (mm)39.60LCL (mm)33.30
Volts130MSCP 0Avg Life Hrs2000
Watts4Amps0.03RoHS Compliant
E-MarkedNoDrawing New Announcement
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MOL (Maximum Overall Length):
The overall length of a lamp, from the top of the shell to the bottom of the base.
MSCP (Mean Spherical Candlepower):
Candlepower produced at design volts. Candlepower is increased rapidly with an increase of applied voltage and conversely is reduced rapidly with a reduction of applied voltage.
†† LCL (Light Center Lenght):
The distance from a reference point, usually the bottom of the lamp base, to the center of the light source.

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