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Image Part # Description Volts Watts Bulb Shape Base Style Filament
4411TRACTOR LAMP, 12.8V 35W, PAR-36 TRAPEZOIDAL, SCREW TERMINAL12.835Par-362-Screw TerminalsC-6
4509SPOT, AIRCRAFT, 13V 100W, PAR-36, SCREW TERMINAL12.835Par-362-Screw TerminalsC-6
4537LANDING, AIRCRAFT, 13V 100W, PAR-46, SCREW TERMINAL13100Par-462-Screw TerminalsC-6
H4351AUTO, LOW BEAM, TYPE L, 12.8V 55W, RECTANGULAR, RIGHT ANGLE PLASTIC 12.855RectangularRight Angle PlasticC-8
H4352AUTO, HIGH BEAM, TYPE U, 12.8V 65W, RECTANGULAR, RIGHT ANGLE PLASTIC 12.865RectangularRight Angle PlasticC-8
H4467MOTORCYCLE, HIGH/LOW BEAM, 12.8V 50/35W, PAR-46, 3-LUG CONTACT 12.8 / 12.850 / 35Par-463 Contact LugsC-6 / C-6
H4651AUTO, HIGH BEAM, TYPE 1A1, 12.8V 50W, RECTANGULAR, 2-LUG CONTACT 12.850Rectangular2 Contact LugsC-6
H4656AUTO, HIGH/LOW BEAM, TYPE 2A1, 12.8V 35/35W, RECTANGULAR, 3-LUG CONTACT 12.8 / 12.835 / 35Rectangular3 Contact LugsC-6 / C-6
H4666AUTO, HIGH/LOW BEAM, TYPE 2E1, 12.8V 65/45W, RECTANGULAR, 3 CONTACT LUGS 12.8 / 12.865 / 45Rectangular3 Contact LugsC-6 / C-6
H4701AUTO, HIGH BEAM, TYPE UF, 12.8V 65W, RECTANGULAR, 2-LUG 12.865Rectangular2 LugsC-8
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