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Image Part # Description No. of Terminals Pilot Circuit Rated Load Range Rated Voltage Wattage
EF31 EF3112V 25A 3PIN ELECTRONIC FLASHER3Yes0.27A to 25A Self-Adjusting to Lamp Draw11 to 15 Volts D.C.300W
EF31L EF31L12V 0.10-20A 3PIN LED ELECTRONIC FLASHER3No0.1A to 20A Self-Adjusting to Lamp Draw11 to 15 Votls D.C.220W
EF33W EF33W12V FLASHER FOR BATTERY POWERED VEHICLES3Yes0.27A to 5A Self-Adjusting to Lamp Draw6.5 to 15 Volts D.C.120W
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