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Image Part # Description Glass Envelope Shape Base Style Volts Watts Color
1156RLEDS-8 BA15s 10-30V 120mA SUPER REDS-8S.C. Bayonet (BA15s)10 - 301.44Super Red
1156WLEDS-8 BA15s 10-30V SUPER WHITE LEDS-8S.C. Bayonet (BA15s)10 - 301.68Super White
1157ALEDS-8 BAY15d 10-30V 120/22mA AMBER LEDS-8D.C. Index (BAY15d)10 - 301.44 / 0.26Amber
1157RLEDS-8 BAY15d 10-30V SUPER RED LEDS-8D.C. Index (BAY15d)10 - 301.54 / 0.30Super Red
1157WLEDS-8 BAY15d 10-30V SUPER WHITE LEDS-8D.C. Index (BAY15d)10 - 301.54 / 0.30Super White
168WLEDT3-1/4 WEDGE 12V SUPER WHITE LEDT-3 1/4T10WG120.48White
194ALEDT3-1/4 WEDGE 12V 40mA AMBER LEDT-3 1/4T10WG120.48Amber
194BLEDT3-1/4 WEDGE 12V 40mA SUPER BLUE LEDT-3 1/4T10WG120.48Super Blue
194RLEDT3-1/4 WEDGE 12V 40mA SUPER RED LEDT-3 1/4T10WG120.48Super Red
194WLEDT3-1/4 WEDGE 15V 45mA SUPER WHITE LEDT-3 1/4T10WG120.48Super White
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