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Image Part # Description Glass Envelope Shape Base Style Volts Watts Color
LM0512WB-AT1 3/4 12V 0.24W Wedge AmberT-1 3/4Wedge (T-1 3/4)12.80.24Amber
LM0512WB-BT1 3/4 12V 0.24W Wedge BlueT-1 3/4Wedge (T-1 3/4)12.80.24Blue
LM0512WB-GT1 3/4 12V 0.24W Wedge GreenT-1 3/4Wedge (T1 3/4)12.80.24Green
LM0512WB-RT1 3/4 12V 0.24W Wedge RedT-1 3/4Wedge (T-1 3/4)12.80.24Red
LM0512WB-WT1 3/4 12V 0.24W Wedge WhiteT-1 3/4Wedge (T1 3/4)12.80.24White
LM0512WB-WWT1 3/4 12V 0.24W Wedge Warm WhiteT-1 3/4Wedge (T1 3/4)12.80.24Warm White
LM1006MB-AT3 1/4 6.3V 0.47W Mini Bay AmberT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)6.30.47Amber
LM1006MB-BT3 1/4 6.3V 0.47W Mini Bay BlueT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)6.30.47Blue
LM1006MS-AT 3 1/4 Miniature Screw Base 6V AMBERT-3 1/4Miniature Screw (E10)6.30.47Amber
LM1006MS-BT 3 1/4 Miniature Screw Base 6V BLUET-3 1/4Miniature Screw (E10)6.30.47Blue
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