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Image Part # Description Glass Envelope Shape Base Style Volts Watts Color
7440WLEDT6-1/2 W3X16d 10-30V SUPER WHITE LEDT-6 1/2Wedge W3x16d10 - 301.44Super White
7443ALEDT6-1/2 W3X16q 10-30V AMBER LEDT-6 1/2Wedge W3x16q10 - 301.44/0.26Amber
7443RLEDT6-1/2 W3X16q 10-30V SUPER RED LEDT-6 1/2Wedge W3x16q10 - 301.32/0.34Super Red
7443WLEDT6-1/2 W3X16q 10-30V SUPER WHITE LEDT-6 1/2Wedge W3x16q10 - 301.54/0.30Super White
921WLEDT-5 W2.1x9.5d 12-24V SUPER WHITE LEDT-5W2.1x9.5d12 - 240.825Super White
DE3175BLEDT3-1/4 33mm FESTOON CAP (SV8.5-8) 10-30V BLUE LEDT-3 1/4Festoon Cap10 - 30.72@12V/.84@24VSuper Blue
DE3175WLEDT3-1/4 33mm FESTOON CAP (SV8.5-8) 10-30V WHITE LEDT-3 1/4Festoon Cap10 - 30.72@12V/.84@24VSuper White
G9LEDT5 WEDGE G9 120V 3mA 17.6CP CLEAR PVC LEDT-5G91200.36Warm White
JC20LEDT4 WEDGE G4 BiPin 30V 52mA CLEAR PVC LEDT-4G4 Bi-Pin300.156Super Warm White
L1006MB-GLED Green T3 1/4 BA9s 6V AC/DC Bi-PolarT-3 1/4Miniature Bayonet (BA9s)6 AC/DC0.3Ultra Green
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