Base: D.F. Plastic Wedge
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Image Part # Description Bulb Shape Base Style Filament Volts Watts
3047S8 D.F. WEDGE 12.8/14V 1.60/0.48A 21/2CPS-8D.F. Plastic WedgeC-6/C-612.8/1420.50/6.72
3047LLS8 D.F. WEDGE 12.8/14V 1.6/0.48A 21/2CP LONG LIFES-8D.F. Plastic WedgeC-6/C-612.8/1420.50/6.72
3057S8 D.F. WEDGE 12.8/14V 2.10/.48A 32/2CPS-8D.F. Plastic WedgeC-6/C-612.8/1426.88/6.72
3057AS8 D.F. WEDGE 12.8/14V 2.10/0.48A 24/1.5CP AMBERS-8D.F. Plastic WedgeC-6/C-612.8/1426.88/6.72
3057LLS8 D.F. WEDGE 12.8/14V 2.10/0.48A 32/2CP LONG LIFES-8D.F. Plastic WedgeC-6/C-612.8/1426.88/6.72
3057NAS8 D.F. WEDGE 12.8/14V 2.10/0.48A 24/1.6CP NATURAL AMBERS-8D.F. Plastic WedgeC-6/C-612.8/1426.88/6.72
3057NALLS8 D.F. WEDGE 12.8/14V 2.10/.48A 24/1.5CP NATURAL AMBER LONG LIFES-8D.F. Plastic WedgeC-6/C-612.8/1426.88/6.72
3157AS-8 D.F. WEDGE (W2.5X16q) 12.8/14V 2.1/.59A 24/2.2CP PAINTED AMBERS-8D.F. Plastic WedgeC-6/C-612.8/1426.88/8.26
3157LLS-8 D.F. WEDGE (W2.5X16q) 12.8/14V 2.10/ .59A 32/3CP LONG LIFES-8D.F. Plastic WedgeC-6/C-612.8/1426.88/8.26
3157NAS-8 D.F. WEDGE (W2.5X16q) 12.8/14V 2.1/.59A 24/2.2CP NATURAL AMBERS-8D.F. Plastic WedgeC-6/C-612.8/1426.88/8.26
3157NALLS-8 D.F. WEDGE (W2.5X16q) 12.8/14V 2.10/.59A 24/2.2CP NATURAL AMBER LONG LIFES-8D.F. Plastic WedgeC-6/C-612.8/1426.88/8.26
3157 (P27/7W)S-8 D.F. WEDGE (W2.5X16q)12.8/ 14V 2.10/ .59A 32/3CP(P27/7W)S-8D.F. Plastic WedgeC-6/C-612.8/1426.88/8.26
3457S8 DF AMODEL WEDGE 12.8/14.0V 2.2/.59A 40/3CPS-8D.F. Plastic WedgeC-6/C-612.8/1428.16/8.26
3457LLS8 DF AMODEL WEDGE 12.8/14.0V 2.2/.59A 40/3CP LONG LIFES-8D.F. Plastic WedgeC-6/C-612.8/1428.16/8.26
3457NAS8 DF AMODEL WEDGE 12.8/14.0V 2.2/.59A 30/2.2CP NATURAL AMBERS-8D.F. Plastic WedgeC-6/C-612.8/1428.16/8.26
3457NALLS8 DF AMODEL WEDGE 12.8/14.0V 2.2/.59A 30/3CP NATURAL AMBER LONG LIFES-8D.F. Plastic WedgeC-6/C-612.8/1428.16/8.26
3757NALLS8 DF WEDGE 12.8V/14V 2.1/.59A 24/2.2CP NATURAL AMBER LONG LIFES-8D.F. Plastic WedgeC-6/C-612.8/1426.88/8.26
4057LLS8 WEDGE 12.8/14V 2.23/0.48A 32/2CPS-8D.F. Plastic WedgeC-6/C-612.8/1428.5/6.72
4114LLS8 D.F. WEDGE 14/14V 2.2/0.59A 32/3CP LONG LIFES-8D.F. Plastic WedgeC-6/C-614/1431.2/8.26
4157LLS8 D F WEDGE, 12.8/14V 2.10/.59A 32/3CP LONG LIFES-8D.F. Plastic WedgeC-6/C-612.8/1428.54/8.26
4157NALLS8 D F WEDGE 12.8/14V 2.2/.59A 24/2.2CP NATURAL AMBER LONG LIFE S-8D.F. Plastic WedgeC-6/C-612.8/1428.54/8.26
5702NAKS8,WEDGE,12.8/14.0V,2.23/.59A NALongLifeS-8D.F. Plastic WedgeC-6/C-612.8/1428.54/8.26
HIB3057 WMS8 D.F. Wedge 12.8/14V WhiteMaxS-8D.F. Plastic WedgeC-6/C-612.8/1426.88/6.72
HIB3157 WMS-8 D.F. Wedge (W2.5X16q)12.8/ 14V (P27/7W) WhiteMaxS-8D.F. Plastic WedgeC-6/C-612.8/1426.88/8.26
HIB3457 WMS8 DF Wedge 12.8/14.0V WhiteMaxS-8D.F. Plastic WedgeC-6/C-612.8/1426.88/8.26

Long Life Bulbs.
Natural Amber Glass Bulb.
Painted Amber Glass Bulb.
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