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Image Part # Description Bulb Shape Base Style Filament Volts Watts
211T-4 3/4 FESTOON 12.8V .97A 12CPT-4 3/4Festoon CapC-812.812.416
270T-4 3/4 SV8.5s 12V 18W FESTOONT-4 3/4Festoon CapC-81218
3021T2 1/4 FESTOON 12V 3W 8X29MMT-2 1/4Festoon CapC-8143
3021AT-2 1/4 FESTOON CAP 12V 3W .25A 2.0PC 8X29MM AMBERT-2 1/4Festoon CapC-8143
3021BT2 1/4 FESTOON 12V 3W 8X29MM BLUET-2 1/4Festoon CapC-8143
3021GT2 1/4 FESTOON 12V 3W 8X29MM GREENT-2 1/4Festoon CapC-8143
3021PT2 1/4 FESTOON 12V 3W 8X29MM PURPLET-2 1/4Festoon CapC-8143
3021RT2 1/4 FESTOON 12V 3W 8X29MM REDT-2 1/4Festoon CapC-8143
3022T-2 1/4 FESTOON CAP 13V 5W .38A 3.0CPT-2 1/4Festoon CapC-8135
3175T3 FESTOON 12V 10W 10X31MMT-3 1/4Festoon CapC-81310
3175AT3 FESTOON 12V 10W 10X31MM AMBERT-3 1/4Festoon CapC-81210
3175BT3 FESTOON 12V 10W 10X31MM BLUET-3 1/4Festoon CapC-81210
3175GT3 FESTOON 12V 10W 10X31MM GREENT-3 1/4Festoon CapC-81210
3175RT3 FESTOON 12V 10W 10X31MM REDT-3 1/4Festoon CapC-81210
3423T-4 FESTOON CAP 12V 5W .42A 4CP 13X37MMT-4Festoon CapC-8125
3423AT-4 FESTOON CAP 12V 5W .42A 4CP 13X37MM AMBERT-4Festoon CapC-8125
3423BT-4 FESTOON CAP 12V 5W .42A 4CP 13X37MM BLUET-4Festoon CapC-8125
3423GT-4 FESTOON CAP 12V 5W .42A 4CP 13X37MM GREENT-4Festoon CapC-8125
3423PT-4 FESTOON CAP 12V 5W .42A 4CP 13X37MM PURPLET-4Festoon CapC-8125
3423RT-4 FESTOON CAP 12V 5W .42A 4CP 13X37MM REDT-4Festoon CapC-8125
3425T-4 FESTOON 12V 10W .83A 9.55CP 13X37MMT-4Festoon CapC-81210
6411T-3 1/4 FESTOON CAP 12V 10W .83A 8CP 10x41MMT-3 1/4Festoon CapC-81210
6413T-3 1/4 FESTOON CAP 12V 5W .42A 4CP 11X41MMT-3 1/4Festoon CapC-8124.80
6418 (C5W)T-3 1/4 FESTOON CAP (SV8.5-8)12V .42A 3.58CP (C5W)T-3 1/4Festoon CapC-8125
6424T11x41mm Festoon 24V 5WT-3 1/4Festoon CapC-8245
642812V 3W 8X28MM SV7 2.4CPT-2 1/4Festoon CapC-8123
642924V 10W 11X41MM SV8.5T-3 1/4Festoon CapC-82410.08
6430T2 1/2 FESTOON 24V 0.125A 1.2CP 8X29MMT-2 1/4Festoon CapC-8243
6451T4 5/8 12V 1.25A 17.5CPT-4 5/8Festoon CapC-81215
6461T3 1/4 12V 0.83A 8.35CP SV8.5-8T-3 1/4Festoon CapC-81210
6475T4 3/4 12V 187W 1.5A 19.1CPT-4 3/4Festoon CapC-81218
6476T4 3/4 12V 21W 1.75A 36CPT-4 3/4Festoon CapC-81221
6480T4 3/4 24V 18W 0.75A T-4 3/4Festoon CapC-82418
6486LLT3 1/2 12V 0.5A 6.36CPT-3 1/2Festoon CapC-8126
E211-2T3 FESTOON 12.8V .97A 12CPT-3Festoon CapC-812.812.416
E211-2AT3 FESTOON 12.8V .97A 12CP-AMBERT-3Festoon CapC-812.812.416
E211-2BT3 FESTOON 12.8V .97A 12CP-BLUET-3Festoon CapC-812.812.416
E211-2GT3 FESTOON 12.8V .97A 12CP-GREENT-3Festoon CapC-812.812.416
E211-2PT3 FESTOON 12.8V .97A 12CP-PURPLET-3Festoon CapC-812.812.416
E211-2RT3 FESTOON 12.8V .97A 12CP-REDT-3Festoon CapC-812.812.416
E211-2YT3 FESTOON 12.8V .97A 12CP-YELLOWT-3Festoon CapC-812.812.416
E212-2T3 FESTOON 13.5V .74A 6CPT-3Festoon CapC-813.59.99
E214-2T3 FESTOON 13.5V .52A 4CPT-3Festoon CapC-813.57.02
FT1205XT3 1/4 FESTOON XENON 12V 5W T-3 1/4Festoon CapC-8125
FT1205XFT3 1/4 FESTOON XENON 12V 5W FROST T-3 1/4Festoon CapC-8125
FT1210XT3 1/4 FESTOON XENON 12V 10WT-3 1/4Festoon CapC-81210
FT1210XFT3 1/4 FESTOON XENON 12V 10W FROSTT-3 1/4Festoon CapC-81210
FT2405XT3 1/4 FESTOON XENON 24V 5W T3 1/4Festoon CapC-8245
FT2405XFT3 1/4 FESTOON XENON 24V 5W-FROST T3 1/4Festoon CapC-8245
FT2410XT3 1/4 FESTOON XENON 24V 10W T-3 1/4Festoon CapC-82410
FT2410XFT3 1/4 FESTOON XENON 24V 10W-FROST T-3 1/4Festoon CapC-82410
HIB3175 WMT3 Festoon 12V 10W 10X31mm WhiteMaxT-3 1/4Festoon CapC-81310
HIB6418 WMT-3 1/4 Festoon Cap (SV8.5-8)12V (C5W) WhiteMaxT-3 1/4Festoon CapC-813.55

Long Life Bulbs.
Natural Amber Glass Bulb.
Painted Amber Glass Bulb.
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