Base: Intermediate Screw (E14)
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Image Part # Description Bulb Shape Base Style Filament Volts Watts
10T5 1/2/120VT5 1/2 120V 10W E14 BASET-5 1/2Intermediate Screw (E14)C-7A12010
10T5 1/2/130VT5 1/2 130V 10W E14 BASET-5 1/2Intermediate Screw (E14)C-7A13010
10T5 1/2/60VT5 1/2 60V 10W E14T-5 1/2Intermediate Screw (E14)C-7A6010
10T5E14/140VT5 140V 10W E14 BASET-5Intermediate Screw (E14)C-7A14010
10T5E14/60VT5 60V 10W E14 BASET-5Intermediate Screw (E14)C-7A6010
12T5 1/2/130VT5 1/2 130V 12W E14 BASET-5 1/2Intermediate Screw (E14)C-7A13012
15T5 1/2/130V/E14T5 1/2 130V 15W E14T-5 1/2Intermediate Screw (E14)C-7A13015
250/220V-E14T5 250/220V 10/6W-E14T-5Intermediate Screw (E14)C-7A2506
3T5 1/2/24VT5 1/2 24V 3W E14 BASET-5 1/2Intermediate Screw (E14)C-2V243
45/36V-E-14T5 45/36V 10/6W E14T-5Intermediate Screw (E14)C-645/3610/6W
6T5 1/2/24VT5 1/2 24V 6W E14T-5 1/2Intermediate Screw (E14)C-2V246
8T5 1/2/24VT5 1/2 24V 8W E14T-5 1/2Intermediate Screw (E14)C-2V248

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