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Image Part # Description Bulb Shape Base Style Filament Volts Watts
112TL-3 E10 Min SCREW 1.2V .22ATL-3Miniature Screw (E10)C-2R1.20.264
116G-4 1/2 E10 Min SCREW 2.65V 0.41A 0.8CPG-4 1/2Miniature Screw (E10)C-2R2.651.09
116-IG4-1/2 MS 2.65V 0.41A 0.8CP E10 G-4 1/2Miniature Screw (E10)C-2R2.651.09
13G-3 1/2 E10 Min SCREW 3.7V .3A .98CPG-3 1/2Miniature Screw (E10)C-2R3.71.11
131G-3 1/2 E10 Min SCREW 1.3V .1A .03CPG-3 1/2Miniature Screw (E10)S-21.30.13
133G-3 1/2 E10 Min SCREW 6.3V .15A .32CPG-3 1/2Miniature Screw (E10)C-2R6.30.945
134G-3 1/2 E10 Min SCREW 6.3V .25A .55CPG-3 1/2Miniature Screw (E10)C-2R6.31.575
136G-4 1/2 E10 Min SCREW 1.25V .6A .2CPG-4 1/2Miniature Screw (E10)S-21.250.75
14G-3 1/2 E10 Min SCREW 2.5V .3A .5CPG-3 1/2Miniature Screw (E10)C-2R2.470.741
1432T3 1/4 M SCREW 3.2V .16A .2CPT-3 1/4Miniature Screw (E10)C-2R3.20.512
1446G3 1/2 M SCREW 12.0V .2A 1.7CPG-3 1/2Miniature Screw (E10)C-2R122.4
1447G3 1/2 M SCREW 18.0V .15A 1.5CPG-3 1/2Miniature Screw (E10)C-2V182.7
1448G3 1/2 M SCREW 24.0V .035AG-3 1/2Miniature Screw (E10)C-2V240.84
1449G3 1/2 M SCREW 14.0V .2A 2.0CPG-3 1/2Miniature Screw (E10)C-2V142.8
1474T3 M SCREW 14V .17A 1.7CPT-3Miniature Screw (E10)C-2V142.38
1476T3 M SCREW 18V .17A 2.2CPT-3Miniature Screw (E10)C-2V183.06
1477T3 M SCREW 24.0V .17A 3.3CPT-3 1/4Miniature Screw (E10)C-2F244.08
1482G4 1/2 MS BASE 6V .45A 2.2CPG-4 1/2Miniature Screw (E10)C-662.7
1487T3 1/4 M SCREW 14.0V .2A 1.4CPT-3 1/4Miniature Screw (E10)C-2V142.8
1533G3 1/2 M SCREW 2.7.0V .15AG-3 1/2Miniature Screw (E10)C-2R2.70.405
1821T3 1/4 M SCREW 28V .17A 3.4CPT-3 1/4Miniature Screw (E10)C-2F284.76
1823T3 1/4 M SCREW 48V .1A 3.2CPT-3 1/4Miniature Screw (E10)C-2F484.8
1832T3 1/4 37.5V 0.65A (E10)T-3 1/4Miniature Screw (E10)C-2F4824.38
222TL-3 E10 Min SCREW 2.25V .25ATL-3Miniature Screw (E10)C-2R2.250.5625
233G-3 1/2 E10 Min SCREW 2.33V .27A .4CPG-3 1/2Miniature Screw (E10)C-2R2.330.6291
243TL-3 E10 Min SCREW 2.33V .27ATL-3Miniature Screw (E10)C-2R2.330.6291
245G-3 1/2 E10 Min SCREW 2.46V .5A .9CPG-3 1/2Miniature Screw (E10)C-2R2.461.23
27G-4 1/2 E10 Min SCREW 4.9V .3A 1.4CPG-4 1/2Miniature Screw (E10)C-2R4.91.47
30V/MST3 1/4 30V 3W M SCREWT-3 1/4Miniature Screw (E10)C-2F303
30V/MS-IT3 1/4 M.SCREW 30V 3W 0.1A NICKEL BASET-3 1/4Miniature Screw (E10)C-2F303
365G3 1/2 M SCREW 3.69V .5A 1.85WG-3 1/2Miniature Screw (E10)C-2R3.691.85
3T3 1/4/150VT3 1/4 M SCREW 150V .02AT-3 1/4Miniature Screw (E10)C-7A1503
3T3 1/4/MS/28VT3 1/4 M SCREW 28V .11AT-3 1/4Miniature Screw (E10)C-7A283.18
40T-3 1/4 E10 Min SCREW 6.3V .15A .5CPT-3 1/4Miniature Screw (E10)C-2R6.30.945
405G4 1/2 MS BASE 6.5V .5AG4 1/2Miniature Screw (E10)C-2R6.53.25
41T-3 1/4 E10 Min SCREW 2.5V .5A .5CPT-3 1/4Miniature Screw (E10)C-2R2.51.25
425G4 1/2 M SCREW 5V 0.5A 2.3CPG-4 1/2Miniature Screw (E10)C-2R52.5
428G4 1/2 M SCREW 12.5V .25A 2.4CPG-4 1/2Miniature Screw (E10)C-2V12.53.125
430G4 1/2 MS 14V .25A 3.5WG-4 1/2Miniature Screw (E10)C-2R143.5
432G4 1/2 MS 18.0V .25A 3.5CPG-4 1/2Miniature Screw (E10)C-2V184.5
458G3 1/2 M SCRW 1.5V .20A .12CPG-3 1/2Miniature Screw (E10)S-21.50.3
46T-3 1/4 E10 Min SCREW 6.3V.25A.9CPT-3 1/4Miniature Screw (E10)C-2R6.31.575
48T3 1/4 MS 2V .06A .04CPT-3 1/4Miniature Screw (E10)S-220.12
48V/MST3 1/4 M SCREW 48V 0.042AT-3 1/4Miniature Screw (E10)C-2F482
48V/MS-IT3 1/4 M SCREW 48V .04A 1.4CP NickelT-3 1/4Miniature Screw (E10)C-2F482
50G-3 1/2 E10 Min SCREW 7.5V.22A.1CPG-3 1/2Miniature Screw (E10)C-2R7.51.65
500T4 1/2 Min SCREW E10 9.84V .5A 4.6CPT-4 1/2Miniature Screw (E10)C-2R9.844.92
500-IT4 1/2 Min SCREW NICKEL E10 9.84V .5A 4.6CPT-4 1/2Miniature Screw (E10)C-2R9.844.92
502G4 1/2 M SCREW 5.1V .15A .6CPG-4 1/2Miniature Screw (E10)C-2R5.10.765
52G-3 1/2 E10 Min SCREW 14.4V .1A .75CPG-3 1/2Miniature Screw (E10)C-2V14.41.44
605G4-1/2 MS 6.15V 0.5A 3.4CPG-4 1/2Miniature Screw (E10)C-2R6.153.08
965T4 1/2 MINIATURE SCREW 9.84V .5A 4.6CPT-4 1/2Miniature Screw (E10)C-2R9.844.92

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