Category: Wedge Base Sockets
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Image Part # Description Notes
4087-13-1T3 1/4 Wedge w/long Bracket & 1 WireFits all Wedge (W2.1x9.2d)
4087-12T3 1/4 Wedge Socket w/Z bracket & WiresFits all Wedge (W2.1x9.2d)
4087-6NBT3 1/4 Wedge w/2 wires No bracketFits all Wedge (W2.1x9.2d)
50-99-194194 Wire HarnessFits all Wedge (W2.1x9.2d)
4087-3T3 1/4 Wedge Bi-Pin Socket W/Z BracketFits all Wedge (W2.1x9.2d)
4087-1T3 1/4 Wedge Bi-Pin Socket W/L BracketFits all Wedge (W2.1x9.2d)
89-151S8 Wedge Socket w/3 WiresFits S8 Bulbs
4087-5T3 1/4 Wedge Bi-Pin W/ V BracketFits all Wedge (W2.1x9.2d)
194-WSWedge Base SocketFits all Wedge (W2.1x9.2d)
39826Wedge Base SocketFits all Wedge (W2.1x9.2d)
193WS-KWedge Base SocketFits all Wedge (W2.1x9.2d)
50-99-906906 Wire HarnessFits all Wedge (W2.1x9.2d)
4088-2Stainless Bracket with Socket, Dual WireFits all Wedge (W2.1x9.2d)
4088-1Stainless Bracket with Socket, Single WireFits all Wedge (W2.1x9.2d)
30-75-056921 lamp with Socket and Wiring harnessFits all Wedge (W2.1x9.2d)
WB-4500C2Wedge SocketFits all Wedge (W2.1x9.2d)
4087-0Wedge Base SocketFits all Wedge (W2.1x9.2d)
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