Global Presence

Miniature Facilities
Jiangsu China Facility
Danyang, Jiangsu, China Facility

Our facility in China is a 168,000 square foot facility with 15 production lines that manufacture a full line of miniature and incandescent lamps certified by ISO9001:2000 and TS 16949.  The factory was established as WOFE in China 2001.  this factory was awarded an "Advance Enterprise Model" by the local authorities.

New CEC Facility

New Gaoyou China Facility



Opening 1st Quarter 2013!
400,000+ square foot factory space with 25 production lines. A separate 300,000 square foot facility is being built on the same 10 acre site for halogen production.

Halogen Facilities

Incheon City Seoul South Korea Facility

Our joint venture partner in South Korea operates the 33,000 square foot facility with 10 production lines that manufacture a full line of halogen lamps that are ISO1400:2001 and TS 16949 certified.

CEC South Korea Facility

New Gaoyou, China Halogen Facility



New facility currently open on the same site as the new 400,000+ square foot miniature facility opening the 1st quarter in 2013.
Our joint venture partner will operate this 300,000 square foot factory space with 15 production lines.

CEC Halogen Facility

Flasher Facility
CEC Flasher Facility Chunghua, Taiwan ROC Facility

Our joint venture partner operates this facility manufacturing electronic flashers, thermal flashers, and light modules. This factory is ISO9001:2000 certified.

World Class Distribution

We sell throughout the world.

  • Canada
  • Japan
  • Middle East
  • Great Britain
  • India
  • Spain
  • France
  • Australia
  • South America

World Class Distribution

CEC U.S. Distribution
CEC Lincolnshire, IL
A 70,000 square foot facility in Lincolnshire, IL.


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