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Bayonet base Neon Lamps
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Part # Description Bulb Shape Base Style Filament Volts Watts
XPR12XENON PR 12.0V 0.7A 13CP 50HRST-3 1/4S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R128.4
XPR14XENON PR 14.4V 0.7A 17.5CP 50HRST-3 1/4S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R14.410.1
XPR16XENON 15.6V 0.7A 14.3CP 150HT-3 1/4S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R15.610.92
XPR18XENON PR 18V 0.59A 14.3CP 150HRST-3 1/4S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R1810.6
XPR3XENON PR 3.6V 0.85A 3.3CP 40HRST-3 1/4S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R3.63.1
XPR24T3 1/4 24V 0.45A 180LM 150HRS XENON -SPECIAL BUYT3 1/4S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2V2410.8
XPR6XPR 6 VOLT LAMP-SPECIAL BUYT3 1/4S.C. Miniature FlangedC-2R64.5
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